I am lucky to be the girlfriend of an amazing man

by Cloud @ lifeofcloud.net

My boyfriend is amazing, and here is why:

” Jesse Horvath shared a link.
An important read. Ignore my long status and read the article, he says it better than I could. I just feel like commenting on what I read. 
I’m sure everyone’s Facebook pages are littered with statuses, and articles, and news stories about Elliot Rodger but a very small percentage of them are paying attention to the important elements of the story. Perhaps Elliot Rodger required psychological help. Maybe he needed (and was receiving) therapy and medication to treat some mental disorders of his. But saying that this is the reason why he chose to kill is to avoid the more pressing matter which is his ideology surrounding women, sex, and love: an ideology that happens to be maintained by mass media and popular culture. 
Movies, T.V. shows, and video games teach young men that no matter their strengths or weaknesses, appearance or personality, if they work hard enough they WILL get the girl of their dreams. GETTING the girl implies that she is an object to pursue, a thing to win, where if you make the right moves in the right order, you will receive your prize. This is the mentality that plagued the mind of Elliot Rodger. He believed that he had done everything right and fit the mold of someone who deserved these women’s love, attention, and of course their bodies. The men who read into this way of thinking, the ones who have saved princess Peach from Bowser countless times, the ones who watched Jonah Hill win over Emma Stone, the ones who hate the jocks at their schools for leading the lives they wish they could, are not bad people. I repeat, very few of these men are bloodthirsty, dangerous men. But they are people who have become trapped in a misguided way of thinking because their entire lives have been spent watching guys win the girl. And it is this seemingly innocuous way of thinking that leads to some extremely harmful behaviours. This can be seen all the time from men who get angry at a girl for turning him down and start calling her offensive names, and think that it is acceptable to do so or with books like “The Game” that teach men how to trick women into going home with them. The support that Elliot Rodger has received from some men online is proof enough that there are men who share in his ideology and who believe that his actions could have been prevented had some of these women gave in to Elliot. 
This has to stop. This generation of men has to understand that we are not the protagonists of these stories who need only work hard enough to earn the girl. She is not ours to win. Elliot Rodger was a sick man who chose to express his ideology in the worst way possible. It is rare and it is terrifying but his way of thinking and his reasoning behind it is NOT rare and that is what this generation is poised to take responsibility for, but also to combat. 
I will delete any debating that happens in the comments of this post. You have a right to disagree with me and offer your rebuttal on your page, but I don’t want this post to become a place for debate. I want people to read the article and to learn this perspective.” 


Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I am dating a humble human being who absolutely respects women.

I have dated many men with the mentality that Jesse mentions above, that the article mentions; they believe that they deserve the perfect woman, that they are worth being adored, that any woman who doesn’t want to be with them, idle them, worship them, treat them like they’re a god is absolute fool, that women who don’t recognize their personal greatness are worthless, that women are objects to be used for personal gain, fame or pleasure, that every man I dated before them was a piece of crap, was nothing compared to them, etc. Jesse is right when he says that so many men have been fed this idea all their lives from everything that surrounds them; media, games, internet, “self-help” books, therapists, etc.

I am so grateful that I have a man in my life who not only respects me but all women; his sisters, his mother, his aunt, his professors, the woman he crossed on the street, the woman who helped him at the store the other day, the women he dated before me, his classmates, etc… He does not have a guise. He is the definition of a perfect gentleman, and he is spreading the word about what it means to be a knight to losers everywhere.

Thank you to the heavens for this amazing individual, my very best friend, and one hell of a real man.