Life Is Beautiful

by Cloud @

It has been months and months since I’ve updated and so much has gone on in my life since the last post. I have many things that I am grateful for, so many things that make me feel very blessed that I should take the time to appreciate them all, and I’m going to do just that.




I am currently working in my dream job. Back near the end of October I was lucky enough to get a phone call letting me know that I was chosen to fill an LTO (Long Term Occasional Position) at a school in Milton teaching Senior Kindergarten in the morning and Grade Two Science and PhysEd in the afternoon. This job has been everything I dreamed of and more. I could go to school in the worst possible mood and all sixty of my little munchkins are able to pick up my spirits instantly with their kindness, their quirky personalities, and their ability to blow my mind with their innocence and intelligence. I feel so lucky to have this job as many people can only dream of being in a position like I am in. I also had a very successful interview that has opened the door to future LTO positions for the following year, which I was told was also a difficult hurdle to overcome. I am very proud of my success. I am very proud of me.




I am dating my best friend. Anyone who frequents 9gag or is a friend of memes knows all about the “friendzone”. It may have taken eight years but that friendzone was defeated! There was a period in both our lives where we were as close as can be and wondered about whether there would ever be something more between us. And then there was a period in our lives, let’s call them the “lost years”, where our friendship had a total hiatus and we wondered whether the bond we imagined was all a ruse and we were both foolish to think there would be a future for us. Thankfully, the stars aligned at a moment that worked perfectly in both our lives and we came back together with a stronger bond than we ever imagined. I am truly lucky to be dating my best friend. I am truly blessed to have someone in my life that makes me laugh until my stomach aches, smile until my cheeks are in pain, love with such strength that my heart beats faster than I could ever imagine. I have so much fun with him and I am so happy to have him as not only a friend anymore but also as my love. He is immensely important to me and he is immensely wonderful; though I knew this about him from the first day I met him.





I adopted a second dog. From the moment I saw Rukia’s sad eyes on the Hamilton Burlington SPCA’s website, I knew I had to head over there and visit her. I am so glad I went there immediately because such a sweet dog as this would have been snatched up instantly. She was a nervous dog who walked very low to the ground but as soon as she met me, she smooshed her head into my lap and laid down, wagging her tail very slowly. I was instantly in love. I texted my family and Jesse to tell them I was adopting another dog and they called me crazy. They soon came to see why I acted so impulsively; Rukia is the sweetest, most loyal, protective and loving dog I have ever met. While Luna is wonderfully sweet and a darling, she is also very independent. Rukia is the opposite. Rukia wants to be around you all the time and if she can put her head on you, she is happy. She wants you to be proud of her and making you angry makes her beyond sad. She just wants you to love her immensely and with a face like hers, and a spirit like hers, it is impossible not to love her. She is a wonderful addition to my little family and Luna has made a best friend and a sister for life. They are inseparable. They groom each other, they play together, they bicker with one another; they are like true sisters. Rukia has filled a space in my heart that I didn’t know was waiting to be filled. She is my little lion, my baby dingo, my sunspot. My skies are now filled with my little moon and my darling sun.




I bought a house! In five days time I get the keys to my very first house, something I have been waiting to buy for myself for a while and, thanks to my LTO, was able to achieve a few months ago. I cannot believe how time flew to these last few days before the keys are in my hands and it is officially mine. It is a wonderful little one and a half story home in a nice neighbourhood in Hamilton. It has a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, a full washroom and an office on the first floor. On the second floor, it has two bedrooms and the old large closet has been transformed into a huge washroom. It also has a finished basement and a nice, big backyard for the pups! How much more perfect could I get for me and the dogs? It is still mind-blowing to think that I own a house. I really feel like the adult I so feared becoming. But I am so proud of myself because this is all my own. I am owning this on my own, I went forward with the decision all on my own and I feel independent, grown, mature, responsible… I am so proud of the woman I have become and knowing that my family is proud of me too makes me even more excited of these achievements and these milestones I am reaching.


It has truly been a while since I posted and there have truly been some amazing things that have happened to me since. I am so grateful for all the amazing changes I have shared in this post and the smaller (but no less significant) moments that haven’t made the post. I am truly blessed. I am truly lucky (but I would like to believe that I made my own luck). I am truly happy as I have so many things to be happy about!


Much Love,
Claudia Amendola