A reflection on sadness

by Cloud @ lifeofcloud.net

My inability to comfortably cry in front of other people makes me feel like a robot. Biting my lip until it bleeds is a sweeter pain than the burn of salty tears running down my cheeks.

Sadness is a pain I don’t want to feel. It hurts me more to relish in it and let it take over than to hide it away. Happiness takes work but it is worth all the time and effort, all the exhaustion. It is not merely a mask to cover the boxed up sadness from before, it is honest happiness. It is finding all the good things, the positive things about a situation which then allows you to box that sadness. It is finding personal greatness in tough situations and using it to erase the dark spots. It’s a taste of sweetness for every bitter bit in one’s life. It is real happiness because it is conquering the sadness, sending it home.

These are just thoughts. I am happy as can be.

Much Love,
Claudia Amendola