Food for the Soul

by Cloud @

It’s been a while.

No, this will not be a post about not having posted in a while. I’ve done too many of those. My apologies are moot at this point. But we can all safely say that my attempts to make this a daily occurrence have gone out the window with the arrival of school. With school comes job searching, with job searching comes little to no time to write. I have 15 second intervals between my searches, and that makes for a lot of interrupted writing. So I simply don’t bother.

With the weather getting cooler, with the surroundings altering to suit the season, with Autumn grabbing Summer by the waist and dancing with her slowly, gracefully, smoothly, I begin to notice how I too must change with the seasons. My Summer was fast-paced, busy, eventful, memorable, full of change and happiness, and now my Fall is beginning with a different kind of busy and fast-pace, one that could quickly cause exhaustion if one does not remember to stop and breathe. I have noticed some change in myself (as an individual), as well. Summer had me open, out, about and continuously seeking out time to spend with friends. Autumn has me finding solace in solitude with warm drinks and good books, video games for hours on end, movie watching under warm blankets. I do love Autumn with all its wonder and it’s beauty, but the thought of staying in, cozy, warm, and inspired on a cool and windy September day is just as exciting as a Summer day out and about. The rewards I get in happiness are one in the same, too.

I don’t have much of anything else to say. While inspired, the inspiration comes at times of the night where access to a computer would require me getting out of bed (and that is never something one enjoys doing when the maximum comfort level has been achieved!). I should keep pen and paper near my bed or record my thoughts, but I wonder if they come to me to be shared, blabbed on about, or simply to ponder by my lonesome. Sometimes I feel as though the soul is inspired for various reasons and goes about creating and contemplating in various ways simply for its personal growth rather than sharing. Sometimes food for one soul can be poison to another. Sometimes it is just fine to think, reflect, learn and push away, making room for a meal that can be better shared.

Much Love,
Claudia Amendola