what my future holds

by Cloud @ lifeofcloud.net

I went to the Ex today. Something I really enjoy doing when I go to the Ex is doing corny fortune telling activities whether with machines where you drop in a loonie and out comes your prediction or, in this case, with a real person reading my palm.

Initially, I had chosen the “Ask Three Questions” option but then the woman just had me sit down and began to read my palm. This is what I remember:

– I will be successful financially but it will be through money I make through work myself
– I have a business mind but not business hands; I have a lot of great ideas that could be successful but I don’t carry through with them
– I will travel frequently for trips related to my career; she doesn’t see any danger happening to me or those around me during this time
– I will have one big move in my life and when it happens I should stay put or else luck will have trouble finding me
– I will get married and it will be with someone I love, not merely a marriage based on convenience
– I will not have any divorces or separations, purely a marriage based on love
– I will have three children, one of whom I will rely greatly upon, one of whom will rely greatly upon me
– One of my children will be greatly successful in things I only dreamed of once doing myself
– None of my children will have any illnesses or disabilities
– The numbers that surround me are 3, 13 and 33 ; 33 will be the age at which I will feel as though I have accomplished the most in my life
– She gave me two dates of every month that she said “Good events and great luck will happen on these days but do not share them with anyone else, they are yours and yours alone to know about”
– She said I am obsessed with the “who, what, where, when, and why” of everything that happens in my life and I simply have to sit back and let things just “be”
– She said I had excellent psychic awareness but I often don’t listen to myself; I can know right from wrong in a situation and will ignore what my “awareness” is telling me
– She senses that I am a very happy individual who will continue to feel this way throughout her life

That’s all I remember! It was pretty neat to hear, even if I only half-believe (and for some of what she said, really would like to believe!). I didn’t really know what to ask her if I had continued with the three questions. While there are some things in my life that I am curious about, the fear of hearing something I don’t want to hear means I might change my own fate due to negativity! Last time I went to a psychic was about 4 years ago (and it was a pretty negative experience in itself — felt very heavy afterwards) and they also told me that I would be married out of love and have three children that would all be very healthy. They also told me that the person I would marry is someone I had already met but had never been involved with. They also emphasized the importance of the number three in my life. Curious!

I also did the “loonie fortune teller” machine and the card that came out said this:
“Well my dear outspoken one you are so quick to criticize others, did you ever stop to analyze yourself. You are a very sensitive person and a very critical one. You have a very sharp tongue which may cause unhappiness to others. You are of a generous disposition and knowingly would not hurt any one. You have a keen mind, try to improve it. Your best friends like you for your ready wit. Try to cultivate a red haired person. Therein lies a great deal of happiness for you.”

I bolded the parts I agree with. I italicized the “quick to criticize others” because I don’t feel I partake in that as much as I might have when I was younger, and analyzing myself is something I am working on as of late.

Also, how does one “cultivate” a person? Strange.

So that is my “fortune telling” of the day. Rather than making me pleased or satisfied with the words I was told, it has made me far more curious… This has opened up a door to the tempting world of knowing where my fate lies! But do I really want to hear it all told to me or just figure it all out myself as time goes along?

I am torn! Darn — that lady was right; I should stop asking “who, what, where, when, why” all the time…

With Love,
Claudia Amendola