a strange comfort

by Cloud @ lifeofcloud.net

You know what, I think Kurt Cobain was right when he said “I miss the comfort in being sad.” Some people are so caught up in this hole they’ve dug themselves that they actually learn to love it. And why wouldn’t you? When you’re upset, you can complain about things non-stop, you can react negatively towards any stimulus and you have an excuse for it, you can get all your friends and family to comfort you, feel sorry for you, make them go out of their way to make you happy and if they don’t try to do that for you, you can hold it against them and blame it on your mood. There is comfort in being sad because being perpetually sad is LAZY.

Sure, I might be a little harsh with this post, and I might piss a handful of people off who perhaps suffer from things like depression and the like, but I’ve been there myself so I am speaking from personal experience. It is truly, without any doubt, the lazy way to live. You don’t have to look for reasons to be happy, you can simply blame anything you want on your disappointment with the world. You don’t have to make an effort to find light in the darkness, you can just let the darkness swallow you whole and say you’ve tried hard enough. You don’t have to do anything when you’re sad and you have an excuse for it all. You don’t have to be kind to anyone and you have an excuse for it. You can get mad at anyone you want and blame it on your sadness. There are so many excuses, so many shortcuts, so many easy ways out when you are looking for everything that is going wrong in your life instead of getting up and making things better.

Now, I’m not talking about sadness related to the passing of a pet or a family member, I am not talking about sadness related to a traumatic event in your life I am not talking about what any human being would consider justified sadness… I’m talking about the “my life sucks, everything is going wrong, I’m alone, I’m out of work, I hate myself” kind of sadness. This is the sadness that can be changed. This is the pit that can be climbed out of with continuous effort and genuine attempts. I think sitting around and wallowing in self pity as well as actively searching for pity from all those around you is simply a waste of time you could be spending looking and going after your happiness.

Happiness IS a choice. Don’t be lazy. Stop making excuses. Stop trying to find excuses; this takes more effort than the search for happiness. Take the steps to go after it. Climb out of darkness. Look for the light in all places. It can be done and to tell me you have tried with no success means you just need to go at it even stronger than before. I believe in you!

Remember: “Your inner potential cannot develop without your willingness and conscious participation.” – Philip Arnold

Much Love,
Claudia Amendola


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