Bad Poetry

by Cloud @

I found this poem saved on my iPad. It’s terrible poetry but I thought I would post it, regardless, since I said I would take more risks today:

Taking the first train to nowhere
An escape is what I need
Lowering my eyes so as to not stare
At the judgmental looks sent my way

Melancholy maniac
Your cracks are what I looked to seal
Not to mark you as flawed or errored
But to lift you up higher with me

Will I see you on the platform?
And is it really what I desire?
Do I miss your lips upon mine
Or the shifted teeth within your smile?
When we pass with no real sighting
Why is the feeling bittersweet?
A slight relief but always longing
My heart, it doth fail to skip a beat

So when I tell myself that I don’t miss you
And when I move on to empty souls
Is my psyche truly thrilled
Or should I expect loneliness to take its toll?

Speak with silent photos scattered
Paint with feelings ne’er yet felt
Lust my lips, my skin, my smell
Revel in the memories of what you lost

Sail on on seas you feared
Take the plunge in waters deep
Grin again at sights, at sounds, at tastes anew
Forgiving for what I could never give you

But I won’t blame you if you don’t
I would feel just the same
with my pathetic attempts at escape
And loveless escapades
I am undeserving
And so I lower my eyes…. But with no regrets.

Much Love,
Claudia Amendola