I Rule Like Eddard

by Cloud @ lifeofcloud.net

You know when you go somewhere and you tell yourself, “This is what heaven must be like”? Yeah, that was FanExpo.

I was over-loaded and overwhelmed. I met Gavin Blair the creator of Reboot (my youth). I was feet away from Stan Lee listening to his hilarity. I met wonderful artists and purchased some fabulous prints for my Geek Wall. I just had a great time surrounded by people geeking out just as hard as me. I was in my happy place. It was like a comic book store times a billion.

One thing I must do is create a “FanExpo” savings account just for when I go. The temptation of phenomenal items is absolutely excruciating. I so badly wish to collect statues, but the cost is deterring me right now. I think a savings account is the solution to this problem. Imagine… 50 dollars a month going in there throughout the year. IMAGINE!!??? I’d be able to get a Deadpool statue that was calling my name (in more than one voice)….

I cannot wait to go back on Saturday. Simply cannot wait.

With Love,
Claudia Amendola