the timing will never be perfect so you might as well start now

by Cloud @


I ignored this quote when I first saw it. I didn’t think it applied to my life and while I agreed with it, it didn’t move me. But I was wrong: it does apply to my life. And it was very important to hear when it came from the mouth of my best friend Dan earlier this evening while we were discussing different things going on in my life. It was only when he said it that I realized how true it is, how right he was.


I was sharing with Dan a certain situation in my life in which I was justifying my reasons for not being involved with something. He plainly told me that all my justification was unnecessary because the timing will never be perfect, I will never completely sort out all my personal concerns, and that’s just the way life works. He was right. There are some things in my life, there are some emotions, that I simply will never be able to completely get under control. There are some personal situations that have occurred to me that will leave wounds that will never completely heal and I would be a fool to sit around, watching them, hoping to see the scar tissue fade. I sit and think and hope that the “right time” to go for something or commit to something that I desire will just appear out of no where but Dan was right in saying there is never going to be that “right moment”. I am delaying the inevitable. I am trying to justify why I am not committing myself to difficult choices and decisions in my life. I am trying to make excuses for not going for something in order to play it safe. The best idea is to just take the risk, jump with your eyes closed, and to not be afraid to possibly make mistakes, get things wrong, get a little hurt, or have to take a few steps back after you’ve taken a few steps in, in order to make sure it all plays out okay.


The point Dan was making, and the point that quote is trying to make, is that to wait around for something to be “perfectly right”, where all stars align, where nothing is confusing, where there is no challenge, where there is no personal struggle or emotional issues, that time will NEVER happen. If life is happening, all those complications will continue to happen. And to hope they’ll all vanish into thin air upon some reflection, some contemplation, or simply with a whole lot of time is a foolish thing to do. You are more likely to lose great opportunities by sitting around and mending scar tissue than by simply jumping in with both feet and hoping for the best.


Carpe Diem was not a lie, but it would have been better said as “Seize your life”.

Just go for it. You have more to lose by sleeping by the sidelines, wondering what it would be like if you went for it.


With Love,
Claudia Amendola