The Best Compliment

by Cloud @


I hung out with a good friend today at this beautiful spot in Burlington. I’ve known him for ten years of my life. We have been through each other’s ups, we have been through each other’s downs. We have seen one another at our happiest times, we have seen one another in our saddest times. We have laughed with one another, we have cried with one another. We have talked each other through difficult moment’s in one another’s life and have shared in the contentment of the happy moments in one another’s lives. He is someone I can always call, regardless of how long of a hiatus we might have between our get-togethers or even our conversations, and I know he will always be willing to grab a coffee and catch up or just listen. He is someone I trust with a lot of my secrets and he is someone who trusts me with his own. We have a great friendship that has always existed and will continue to exist no matter what happens in our lives.


This friend complimented me with something I have never been told before (at least, not to my face and not in this manner). He said, “I’d marry you.” These three words were far more powerful than he could imagine. There was nothing suggestive about this comment. He is deeply in love with his significant other and plans to, in fact, spend the long-term with her, so there was no secondary intent behind it. Those three words said far more to me than any other compliment has ever done. What he said simply by stating “I’d marry you” was:
– that I’m “worth it”
– that I’m valued
– that I shouldn’t sell myself short
– that I am a good person
– that I am someone that people should want to spend the long-term with
– that I am Betty and not Veronica
– that a male who is involved with me should feel lucky
This is not a comment he would just say to any female, and my friend has standards with who he dates (he doesn’t date Veronicas, he dates Bettys). After knowing him for ten years, this is, without question, the best compliment he has ever given me, because I know the intent behind it is genuine and sincere appreciation of me and who I am. I gave him a really big hug after he said this because it reassured me of the kind of human being I am and of the life I am leading, of my character, my personality, how I am appearing to individuals (and to the opposite sex) and how I am seen by others close to me. It made me feel spectacular. It was one of the best compliments (and I am sure he didn’t even intend to compliment — I believe he was just stating his opinion) that I have ever received because of all the meaning behind it. It was wonderful to hear.


He has certainly made my week with this and I feel even closer to him as a friend because of it. He has known me for ten years, he has me figured out pretty well, inside and out, and it was the most genuine, innocent and kindest thing I have heard from someone close to me.


With Love,
Claudia Amendola