Missed One

by Cloud @ lifeofcloud.net

Yep — I forgot to write an entry yesterday. I’m guilty as charged. But I’ll make it up to you with a post about happiness.

Where do I find happiness? I find it in the most diverse places. I discover happiness these days in shapes and forms that I once would have never considered. And I continue to find happiness in the things and various occurrences that made me happy in my past. Even if some things are no longer a part of my life, I continue to reflect on them as reminders of what can make me happy.

So what brings about happiness to me? Where do I find my happiness? Or where have i found it in my past? Let us see:

A hot summer’s day when the rays warm your skin
A warm rain shower
When large snowflakes fall down in a smooth, soft manner
When my dog greets me when I get home
When I ask my dog to nap and she comes and cuddles close
When a child gives you a genuine smile
When a child gives you thanks
When old couples are still so very much in love with one another
Helping old people with minor, insignificant tasks
Warm blankets on cool nights
Smiles from strangers
Comic book stores
The smell of books
Cuddling close to people who care about you
Genuine, kind compliments
Being made to feel as though you are important and wanted
People showing kindness with no ulterior motive or expectation of kindness in return
Soft kisses
Hard hugs
Bodies of Water
Buildings with history
Cities with characters
A steaming hot cup of coffee
Chilling out with a good book
Walking your old university campus
Old cinemas
Tiny towns
Big, fluffy pillows
Back scratches
Geeky t-shirts
Geeky cons
Geeky movies
Geeky fandoms
Beautiful music in any form
Beautiful lyrics that make you think about a moment in your life
Parisian streets
Parisian music
Cooking for someone else and watching them enjoy the meal you made
ALL animals
Good conversation
Fantastic, supportive friends
People who are positive and avoid dramatics
Art galleries, museums, theatres
People who are in your life for a reason
People who leave your life for a lesson
Laughing so hard that you cry
Standing up for myself
Making an effort to be positive, optimistic, happy, carefree
People who aren’t hiding behind a guise
Foreign languages
Meeting new people
Exploring new countries


I might add to this list as I think of more wonderful things.
What are some of the things in your life that make YOU happiest?

With Love,
Claudia Amendola