Grand Optimist

by Cloud @

then there’s my father
he’s always looking on the bright side
saying things like “son, life just ain’t that hard”
he is the grand optimist
I am the world’s poor pessimist
you give him burdensome times
and he will escape unscarred

I suppose I’m somewhat of a hippie. But I don’t eat right. But I don’t dress the part. But I take showers daily. But I brush my hair. But I play guitar rather poorly. But I don’t join in on protests. But I don’t scream my anger at “the man”. But I don’t avoid all institutions.

But I am extremely carefree, optimistic, positive…

I suppose my outlook and behaviour towards life is comparable to the mindset of hippies in that sense.

When life gets tough, there’s a lesson to be learned.
When there is darkness, find that spot of light.
When the world on your shoulders seems to get too heavy, keep lifting with your legs.
When someone stabs you in the back, the wound will heal.
When a heart breaks, time will do it’s duty.
When dramatics pour through, breathe and walk away.
When you think you’re angry, logic will make it’s way through in silence.
When you keep on fighting with no success, your win will come.
When someone keeps trying to bring you down, it is only because they envy how high you are.
When someone doubts you, gain satisfaction by working to make them see the truth.
When the big things don’t seem to be going your way, focus on the small things that are.
When the storm comes tumbling through when you need it the least, treasure the sun that appears when you need it the most.
When life seems so hard, remember how good you’ve got it.

I suppose I’m somewhat of a hippie in thinking that there is all good in the bad, all happiness from the sad, all light in the darkness, all gain in struggles.
I suppose I’ve got the hippie mentality.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.
With Love,
Claudia Amendola