Happy Days

by Cloud @ lifeofcloud.net


Today was a well-spent day. It wasn’t particularly eventful. It didn’t include any grand outings. It didn’t feature any intense adventures. It was a normal kind of day. I cleaned my condo from head to toe while listening to beautiful French music and imagining I was cleaning my condo in Paris which sits over-top a restaurant not too far from Notre Dame. It was nice to dream while I cleaned. I enjoy getting into the “groove” of cleaning my place. Sometime’s it’s difficult to pick myself up and do it but once I get into it, I won’t slow down until I’m finished. And when I do finish, I feel even more proud of my place, of my little home, my “Chez Claudia”.


After a nice clean and wipe-down of my lovely little home, I decided to have another quick run at the gym. I’m very sore from having gone two days in a row (I usually space out 3 visits a week or so with Dan) but I won’t be able to go with Dan until Saturday or Sunday so I figured I’d get a quick session in. Without my bestus there to motivate me, I slacked a little. I still got 40 solid minutes in but we usually go for longer than that. I followed that energizing gym-time with a quick pick up of some food and essentials.


Everything I did this afternoon was what one would call very mundane stuff, but I enjoyed it all tremendously! I was bubbly, happy, and truly content with all the necessary things I participated in. I closed off the evening/night by watching STAR WARS: A New Hope with Brian via Skype and we all know how I feel about anything Star Wars related… if a little George Lucas property is inserted into my day, you can guarantee it will be a good one!


The next few days will be extremely busy but I am looking forward to all of them IMMENSELY!


That’s all for now. I’ll shut down my babble.
With Love,
Claudia Amendola