Lust for Life

by Cloud @


This postcard above has a shot of Paris. I could recognize those streets, those buildings, anywhere. But despite being a shot on a street in my favourite city in the world, it’s the words that got me first and foremost: What a day to be alive. This is how I feel every single day. I am so thankful for the opportunity to go through and experience all of life’s wonders, all of life’s ups, all of life’s downs, all of life’s faces, moods, songs… I am so grateful to be alive and truly living. I believe I am truly living because I take each day and make it the best it can be. I see the worth and the wonder in all that surrounds me. I try to make an effort to recognize the wonderful people that make this world a beautiful place. I see the positive in the negative, the good in the bad, the light in the darkness, the calm in the storm. I don’t pretend like the darker side of the spectrum of life doesn’t exist, I simply make an effort to further highlight the brightness of my life.


How wonderful life is, how much it is worth living, how great your day can be is all up to you. You can create your world. You are living in a day dream, you can change every step, create all your beauty. Your actions will determine how beautiful life will be for you today, tomorrow, the next day. This even means your own attitude towards making a conscious effort to be happy, to make yourself happiness, and to find and keep hold of your happiness.


When we create this life for ourselves, it can be kind of scary. We worry about mistakes, about making a wrong turn, about being overwhelmed or overcome by negativity and judgement. But this is all a part of the process. No artist ever created their beautiful masterpiece be being afraid of putting that brush to the canvas; they simply went for it with all their heart, putting in all that they got and came out with something to be cherish for generations. The same can be done with a good day; to take it on at full force with no fear of any mistakes you might make or bumps you may encounter along the way, you create your own masterpiece — memories to be cherished, reflected upon, and experiences to help you grow and become a better person.


Often I am asked how it is possible that every day is extraordinary. This quote states my response in ways I cannot. A day running errands can be wonderful, spending an afternoon cleaning my condo can bring me joy, doing a couple loads of laundry can put a smile on my face, bringing the dog out for it’s quick morning stroll can be fantastic. These are common things that I am grateful that I am able to do, able to afford, able to enjoy, able to experience. The opportunities I have in my life, even with things so tedious as doing a load of laundry, can put a smile on my face because I am simply thankful that I can do it. It sounds ridiculous but it is honest. I enjoy the “every day experiences” or “common things” as much as I do the outstanding, extraordinary experiences. They have just as much worth in my life as the next great thing. A common thing such as the ability to feel emotions like caring for another person brings me such happiness, as much as the person themselves might bring me. To know that I am able to share a part of me with someone else via simply caring for them, their well-being and their own happiness is a beautiful thing and makes me far more jovial than I can express. The little things have a big difference in making your life as phenomenal as it can be. The ability to see value in the small joys of life adds to the pot of happiness until you are simply overflowing! And the rate at which it fills when you appreciate the small things is completely mind-blowing.


So, I leave you with this:

Go out there, make your life the best it can be, make a conscious effort to find happiness in all that surrounds you, be grateful to be alive, see the beauty and wonder in all that surrounds you. You can be happy! You deserve to be happy. I believe you can do it, and I believe you will soon be saying, “What a day to be alive.”


With Love,
Claudia Amendola