Art Crawlin’

by Cloud @

Today (or should I say Yesterday) was a wonderful day. After running some errands, I met my friend for coffee where two+ hours of chats felt like half an hour. I then followed up that great coffee date with a visit to Art Crawl in downtown Hamilton. I had never been before and it was rather nice. The musicians were my favourite part of it all. After a little bit of exploring on my own, I met up with Joshua. It is incredible (and frightening) how many people Joshua knows here in Hamilton. I must have met nearly a hundred individuals (a bit of an exaggeration, but truly not that far off). We would try to walk somewhere and within steps he’d be stopped to greet and talk to someone else. It was nice to spend time with him, though, as usual. It is like our friendship never had a hiatus.



We spent the whole night together, ending it off with running into some of his friends who play blues-y, folk style music, very old New Orleans style. It was a beautiful street performance just for us to end the night with. I ended up getting home and having to drive through a bunch of drunk people to get to my parking spot, which was an experience in itself with someone telling me “B*TCH REVERSE!!!” to which I explained I pay for the parking spot I’m trying to get to (“Oh, crazy sh*t yo.”) to someone yelling at me “YOU THINK JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE GOOD LOOKIN YOU CAN DRIVE THROUGH A CROWD OF PEOPLE!?” among other glorious lines from the mouths of the inebriated …. My parking spot is in the most inconvenient of locations!



After getting to my condo and letting two British guys in behind me who’s friend was delayed coming to get the door (there was a big celebratory greeting and thanks to me that followed) I went to get my Lunapoo to let her out. The British guys and their friend saw me from their window and said “Thanks again,” for letting them in. As I walked back into the condo, one proceeded to exit his place to make small talk, invite me for drinks, tell me that it’s unfortunate he’s leaving Monday after just meeting a nice Canadian girl like me, and all other kinds of smooth talk in an English accent I had trouble understanding. I declined the drinks (obviously) and thanked him for taking the time to talk to me and went on my way. I’m not sure why the weird shout outs & drunk people encounters as well as the strange pick-up attempts always happen to me, but they make for interesting stories and even more interesting spectacles when others are around. I am in a very interesting movie called LIFE!


Anyway, today was awesome. I really had a full and fantastic day. Let’s hope tomorrow holds some awesome as well!
Life is beautiful. Keep smiling!


With Love,
Claudia Amendola