Well, Well…!

by Cloud @ lifeofcloud.net


This is how I feel every single day of my life, now!
Although I slept a lot of today away, I’m going to tell myself I don’t regret it. Slip ups happen every once and a while! I’ll make up for it with a full day tomorrow. I wish it was completely acceptable to dance your way through all of life with a theme song playing in your head, just right for the moment. I already skip down grocery aisles and dance in the frozen food section but I’d like to go through every day like this sequence! I have too much happiness bottled up inside of me that just needs an escape via my body in movement.


Happiness is a choice. You can either choose to be happy or choose not to be. This doesn’t mean that when you make the effort to be happy you are “faking it”, you are simply putting in time and energy into positivity rather than negativity. So when you are sitting there, mulling over your past, wondering how satisfied you are with yourself, wondering how to make the best out of life, instead of making each thought a pessimistic one, make a conscious effort to to be optimistic in your thinking. Sad about your past? Tell yourself the future holds something better! Sad about who you are, what you look like? Motivate yourself to become a healthier person, inside and out! Wondering what to do with your life? Instead of sitting there and thinking about it, grab it by the horns and take action! Life is truly an exciting adventure every day that you live it, and to spend it in a pit of despair is to waste the opportunity the hours are giving you.


I really think if you struggle to make happiness a choice in your life, the people you hang around with are crucial to the success of this positive decision. If you are hanging around with people who criticize you, judge you, question your motives, speak negatively about their surroundings, speak negatively about their own life, speak negatively about you, don’t support you, are not happy when you are happy, put their selfish feelings before your own, bring you down… then your success will be slim as slim can be. It is very important to cut out negativity and dramatics from your life to see success. It is VERY important to not let dramatics get the best of your or make you question your self-worth. When drama appears, make the adult move to push it aside and rather than letting it bring you down, tell those who try and inflict it upon you that you’ll get back to them when they stop letting their emotions govern logical, mature thinking.


Mistakes are bound to happen in life, but how you look at them is how you learn from them. Adding pessimistic thinking to a situation will never improve it, it will only increase the deep darkness of the pit. By being positive and optimistic, you improve your own outlook on situations and the outlook of those also involved. And you need to recognize that keeping EVERYONE happy sometimes leaves you as the lonely and unhappy one. Your OWN happiness is the only happiness you can choose and control. But by making a conscious effort to keep yourself happy, keep your outlook positive, and keep your mood up, you cannot help but influence those that surround you, that encounter you, that have to deal with you or even are trying to be mad at you. So your happiness and your continuous effort to put your happiness first will, in the end, also be the cause of the happiness of others.


Alas, I leave you with this quote to inspire you:


Happiness is a choice. And it is your own. All things follow. Keep loving, smiling, dreaming, creating the music of your colourful, positive life….


With Love,
Claudia Amendola