Back into the groove

by Cloud @




I’m going to make a conscience effort to get back into the groove of making this blog a daily occurrence. I really enjoy writing. I like the way it feels. I like having an outlet for my opinions or simply my emotions. I like being able to ramble about my life without a care about who I’m bothering as this is my own space. I like reminding myself of all the goodness in my life and how to keep myself positive. I like to influence others in a positive manner as well, hoping to make the change to a happier lifestyle!


My friend (who is reading) named Brian said that something “good and wistful” has gotten into my lately. What can I say except that I am happy, that life has given me some sweet gifts that I am so thankful for, and that I am grateful for people in my life… If things are good and wistful, I imagine it is because my happiness is showing a different, new face. It is a face nostalgic on memories, it is a face excited about new experiences, it is a face that is loving it’s surroundings, who surrounds it, it is simply a positive face with a slightly different light. As summer starts to change, as the storms rumble around, humidity increases, so too does my happiness have it’s own morph to go through. It changes with the season, it changes with me as I change into a more and more positive and, in my opinion, better person. When the explanation for my happiness was too vague for Brian’s liking, he did share this:
“Can I make up my own story of how you are falling madly in love with someone, but you don’t want to, yet you can’t seem to find yourself stopping it, so you’re choosing instead to just spread your wings and soar with the air as you fall?” 
I thought it was beautiful. Far more exciting than anything I offered him up as an explanation for my sudden “wistful and good” changes!


Anywho, life is beautiful, as per usual. This month will be a long one, I am sure of it. But I am keeping busy! I had long chats with Joshua tonight and they were fantastic, as per usual. It is nice to be so close to an ex-boyfriend as I am with Joshua. There are no fears with him, there is nothing I can say to him that would have him judge me or question the kind of human being I am. I trust him, I love his company, and I love him very much.
So, I will try and get back into the habit of making writing a daily occurrence, and I apologize for the delays, the lack of entries and the like. My goal was to blog daily, I should not fall short of my own goals (though it is my bad habit with blogs!).

With Love,
Claudia Amendola