You’re Magnifying my Better Half

by Cloud @

The best drawing I now own? Yes.


Another combined post, another apology! I can’t say it won’t happen again because that would likely be a lie. With how busy life has been, it has become difficult to do the nightly blog thing (especially when the nights have melded into mornings, barely giving me the opportunity to sleep, let alone blog)! I am still going to put a lot of effort into making this a daily thing, as that was the intention behind it all, to get me writing every day, to get me (and anyone reading) inspired every day. Let’s move along…


Yesterday was (can you guess?) marvelous! While sleeping in happened to the nth degree and I felt completely guilty about it, the rest of my day consisted of a visit to the comic book store to pick up two issues for a friend who wants to get into comic book reading and then a trip to the post office where I got that FABULOUS DRAWING YOU SEE ABOVE! Yes, that is Chris Houghton, the artist for many of the comic book covers for Adventure Time! HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT?! It was sent to me by the fabulous @brianwyzlic and I owe him big-time for this incredible surprise. LOOK — FINN IS SAYING MY NAME!!! LOOK!!!! JAKE IS CALLING ME DUDE! Seriously. Amazing. In case you don’t know what Adventure Time is, here is a little taste of the hilarity as Finn demonstrates the future of music that is “Balloon Music”:



After that awesome surprise that made me squeal-scream out loud to myself, I met up with my bestus bud at the gym for a session that exhausted me more than usual (but made me feel great). I then followed up that goodness with a movie with my former bandmate & friend. We saw Spiderman as he hadn’t yet seen it, and of course he loved it. We followed that up with an intense video game session which was absolutely incredible as I haven’t invested nearly enough time in video games as of late and, on top of that, I haven’t played with anyone in longer than I can remember. I laughed so hard I cried, and he beat me so bad that I should probably stop speaking about it.


Today was definitely an easy going, laid back day. This included soaking up the sun at Hamilton Beach. They have a public pool that is well maintained, clean, pay-access only, and rather quiet considering how many people are often there. I was able to get a little colour in my skin and have a nice dip in the water which I haven’t done since the winter months at the local YMCA. I absolutely enjoyed my time to myself and the vitamin D. It made me feel fantastic!

Wow — who read my mind?


While the rest of the day wasn’t worth chronicling (but was no less beautiful), I did find some interesting secrets on PostSecret this week. Do you know the site? People send in postcards of anonymous secrets and a few favourites are posted on the website which gets updated every Sunday. This week had a handful of Parisian-inspired secrets when I, oddly enough, had just been discussing with my friend last night in bittersweet love that I have for the city. The one above is my favourite as I always speak of running away or escaping to this place, where my heart is. How exceptionally fitting that someone should agree. Whether it is someone I am familiar with or whether it is just a stranger filling my heart with such hope, I don’t think I’ll ever know. But the mystery makes it all the more beautiful and exciting, the mystery just increases my already large lust-for-life.


I have begun to pack for Montreal (I leave on Friday and return on August 1st) and the preparation has made me exceptionally excited! While leaving my sweet dog for a week will hurt my heart, I know I will have a simply marvelous time! My cousin even surprised me with the news that she had purchased tickets for the Star Wars exhibit on Sunday! Accckkkkk(bar)! Truly anticipating the mini vacation to this not-so-exotic destination!


Alas, that is all for now. I feel happier than I have ever felt before. Emotions are pouring through me faster than the steepest waterfall. I am experiencing feelings I didn’t believe I still had in me to feel, I am connecting to the universe and all that surrounds me in ways I never knew I could connect. Life is beyond beautiful. I am beyond blessed. I hope the over-flow of my positivism soaks even just the feet of those that are around me. They do say that the temperature of your feet determine the temperature of your entire body; let their feet drown in it and let it all take them by surprise!


Keep smiling, keep loving, keep laughing.
I leave you with this beautiful song because I have been playing it on repeat today (didn’t realize how beautiful it is because it never touched me before):


With Love,
Claudia Amendola