Double Post

by Cloud @

Okay, so this is a double post. I missed yesterdays (apologies!) and I might as well combine them to kill two birds with one stone!

Yesterday was wonderful! I went to the Hot&Spicy food festival in Toronto with a high school friend that I haven’t seen in a while and her boyfriend who I met for the first time yesterday. We had a wonderful day in the summer sun and enjoyed the time at Harbourfront. The city is truly growing on me every time I visit and the weather was perfect. There was a cool breeze off the lake and the sun was shining as bright as can be. Life was feeling as hot as the spicy food we got to sample!

I followed up a wonderful day with an even more phenomenal night. I attended a play put on by the Hamilton Fringe Festival which my old bandmate and former very good friend was playing a part in. I had not seen him in three years and we have not even talked since the last time we ran into each other, yet, following the show, when he saw me, he reacted the same way he would have when we were the best of friends. We connected as if we never had the time apart and even agreed to start making music together again. I truly care about this human being and I’m so happy to have him back in my life, with a stronger bond than ever.

Today, my brother finally handed me over this wonderful gem featured in the picture above! That is the very first issue released by Marvel in the Star Wars series. It came out in 1977. It is the rarest of the collection. And now, it is all mine!  I spent most of the rest of the day sleeping, as I got little to none of it yesterday, so catch-up was definitely necessary (and will continue shortly). I also had dinner with a new acquaintance and it was nice to get to know one another in person.

Yesterday, early into the morning hours, my friend asked me if I genuinely am happy or if it is something I tell myself and others, a front I use to convince myself. No, this is no front. I am genuinely so happy that I hope it pours out of me and drowns those that surround me. I have so much in my life to be grateful for, there is no reason to frown, there is no reason to be down, there is no reason not to smile or be content with life. There is so much beauty that this world has to share, so much to discover, so much to experience, that there is no time to sit, wait, and pout. I just want to get out there with a smile on my face and tackle it all. I want to face everything in life with a positive standpoint and should it not turn out the way I hoped, learn something from it and move on, never wiping that smile off my face. This happiness is real. I have no reason in my life not to be happy, right now. I have nothing stopping me from being happy, I just have so many wonderful people, wonderful experiences, adding to it all. This positivism is real! 110%!

So thankful for old friends starting new chapters with me in my life. Thankful for delicious foods. Thankful for sunny days. Thankful for thunderstorms. Thankful for brothers who get me things I’ll cherish forever. Thankful for Star Wars! Thankful for life.

With Love,
Claudia Amendola