Do you have a guise?

by Cloud @

I recently posted this on Twitter: It is truly sad to see people living “two lives” and to see the praise and adoration they get from the one that’s a guise.


What I am talking about is obvious; people who act one way in front of a specific group of people (business, casual friends) and another in front of someone else (an intimate partner, family). The people on the business side of things usually see the more positive act that someone is putting on. Perhaps they appear as though they are modest, loving, selfless to those friends and colleagues where the relationship is on a flat ground. But truly, behind closed doors they are proud, selfish, rude. And they continue to get praise, worship, admiration for this guise that they wear around people that don’t know them intimately. There is nothing that irritates me more than this, especially when I have seen someone for what they truly are and continue to witness the guise they pull with others and the way people love their guise, kiss the feet of their guise.


Being the kind of person that I am, I won’t call a person out on the lies they are pulling on everyone else. I won’t warn people of the individual, I won’t say bad things about them, I won’t do anything but sit back and shudder every time a new compliment gets sent their way. But I hope the people eventually become aware that they are not loved for being themselves. People love their lie. They love the guise, they love the costume they wear, the show they put on. Who loves you on the intimate level? Do you truly love yourself if you are pulling off this tomfoolery every single day of your life? And what would happen if you revealed the real you, to the fullest extent? When people compliment you, does it truly reach the heart like a genuine compliment of a genuine person would? Or does it bounce off you as if it were nothing? If it is the latter, are you questioning who they’re really complimenting? Are you questioning who you really are making yourself out to be?


I don’t want this post to come off as negative, because that is not the intent. The intent is that if anyone reading this questioned, “Was this about me?” or “Is that me?” then you need to be rid of your guise. Stop acting, start living, start being you. And even if you is not modest, selfless or the like, at least you can take pride in giving the world the truest you that you can muster up. There is more virtue in that than any costume or lie you can invent.


Be yourselves, love yourselves, and watch what lies you might be loving. I have been getting compliments on my character lately and I am truly humbled. I have nothing to hide; I am me to the fullest extent. I am honest, true, and genuine with all people I converse or spend time with. When I am complimented, they do not roll off me. I take them to heart. I keep them there and they fill me with such thanks! I am so thankful! I am thankful and I keep them close because they are not compliments to a guise I am portraying, they are compliments to my being. And there is no greater honour than being appreciated for who you really are!


Ditch the mask and show yourself. There is no greater gift you could give to the world!


With Love,
Claudia Amendola