Things I am grateful for, today:

by Cloud @

– Good friends

– Good friends who are excited to spend time with me

– Good cooking by good friends

– The people my friends love who make them happy

– The people I love who make me happy

– Sunshine

– Dogs

– Dogs being friends with other dogs

– The understanding that negative people have no right or ability to get me down

– Working AC

– Being able to afford a working AC

– Parents who take the trip over to install the AC

– Brothers who offer to install the AC before learning it’s already been installed

– Brothers who contact Retro Shop Owners inquiring about their sister’s crazy comic book desire

– Twitter and the connections I make with it

– Great conversations with great people

– Laughing out loud in a room all by yourself

– Music made with Floppy Disk Drives

– 8-Bit Music

– Amazing theme songs from really geeky things

– Best friends who offer to massage my gym aches

– Laughing with best friends about massaging my gym aches

– AC — did I mention that already?

– E-mails informing me of amazing things

– The speed at which my tattoo has healed (feeling like Wolverine right now)

– Geeky things

– Being able to purchase those geeky things

– Life

– Friends

– Happiness


With Love,
Claudia Amendola