Geek Wisdom by Stephen Segel

by Cloud @

I’ve been reading this book and all I can say so far is, “WOW”. I absolutely recommend this to anyone. You don’t have to be a geek to get the benefits of reading this text. Yes, many of the references might be lost on you, but there is so much wisdom, so many motivational ideas that it’s completely mind-blowing! What the writer does is he uses a line from a movie, book, comic, cartoon (basically anything geeky) and elaborates on the wisdom hidden in those one or two sentences.  I want to share a few of the quotes from the books with you. I won’t post the lines that inspired them, but I will post the title of the text/movie/comic/television show/etc inspired it.

“When you’re setting out to learn a new skill, attentive observation will do you more good than any other single training tool. The patience to absorb information before acting is the real art.” – The Last Unicorn

“Being a know-it-all isn’t smart; it’s a sign of closed-mindedness. What the brats in life fail to grasp is that the trails of history are blazed not by those who cling to what is, but by those who dare to seek out what might be. ” – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

“You are the single common factor in every situation – so perhaps the best way to improve your surroundings is to improve yourself.” – Bucakroo Banzai

” The boy’s father then tells him that if a man is brave and determined enough, he can accomplish anything he sets his mind to. William takes this advice to heart and dedicates his life to “changing the stars”; with that possessive pronoun added, the stars cease to be a metaphor for the implacable universe and become a reflection of the would-be knight’s personal destiny… It’s an elegant lesson in the power of myth and metaphor in shaping a narrative — whether that story is the one you’re watching or the one you’re living.” – A Knight’s Tale

“Or when Obi-Wan Kenobi told Luke that his earlier assertion that “Darth Vader betrayed and murdered your father” wasn’t a lie so much as a spiritual interpretation of the truth… Getting a different perspective on things is one of the best ways there is to kick your imagination or your problem-solving brain into high gear; that’s why companies hire outside consultants to take the staff out of the office on retreats to ponder the challenges that lie before them. And it’s just as helpful in your daily life – so, today, why not walk a different route? Maybe you’ll see something you’ve been missing.” – The Kids in the Hall

“Enter Lois’s question (“You’ve got me? Who’s got you?”) If all these people have got her covered, who’s covering them? When it comes to the unsung heroes of the world, the answer all too often is, “Nobody.” In the real world, they don’t have a Superman of their own. That they persevere nonetheless makes them superheroes by any measure.” – Superman

“…And it’s then that you have to do the work to realize that friendship… builds on the work you do together, rather than on one of you standing out.” – The Superfriends

“The word ‘organization’, at it’s root, means ‘to make people function like organs.’ When you’re a member of an organization, you and your fellows all fit into a larger system like parts of a body, your individual efforts combining to serve a single purpose.” – Voltron

I am only on page 63 of 216 pages of complete Geek Wisdom. Keep in mind that each page shares a different lesson and the ones I’ve shared with you are only a few of my favourites. I think it’s a book educators could definitely get good use out of, and the geeky references will allow for further connections with your students. I highly recommend the book! It’s only $10.00 at HMV, or around $16.00 in other book stores.

With Love,
Claudia Amendola