by Cloud @ lifeofcloud.net

This morning I had a funny encounter with a guy who lives on the second floor. I got a call down by UPS to pick up my packages that arrived from thinkgeek.com. As he was walking up the stairs with me with three packages in his hand, this guy comes around the corner from his place and says “Oh, is that a package for unit 12, too?” The UPS guy says yes, and he stops and joins us in the package journey. The conversation was as follows:


UPS Guy: Is this a phone?

Unit 12 Guy: Yeah, it’s a new cellphone.

Me: My packages are much cooler.

Unit 12 Guy: Oh yeah? What’s in yours?

Me: This one here is a lightsaber umbrella, this one here is a bunch of comic books.

Unit 12 Guy: …. what, is that for your boyfriend or something?

Me: … no, no, I don’t have a boyfriend, it’s totally for me.

Unit 12 Guy: ……..


Bwahahhaha. I love throwing people off with my geekiness.

With Love,
Claudia Amendola