People from the Past, a Part of my Future

by Cloud @

Joshua & Moi in Jan ’10

Today, I had the chance to hang out with two wonderful males who have played a big part in my life. First person I met with was Joshua, and  we met at an incredible coffee shop in downtown Hamilton (which makes me love my city even more!). Joshua and I dated wayyyy back in the day, I’m talking like six years ago. After we dated (for about a year) we became the very best of friends who could confide in one another and rely on one another for anything. Sadly, about 3 years ago, we had a fall out. To be perfectly honest, I don’t even remember what it was over, but both of us agreed that the past is the past and it is forgotten. Despite the time we spent apart, not even talking with one another, when we got together today it was like we hadn’t left one another’s sides! We opened up to one another about how positive and happy we are in our lives right now. He told me about his marvelous lady in his life, I told him about my own lady named Luna. We bonded and shared in each other’s happiness and it was marvelous! Two and a half hours of chatting flew right by. He is definitely a ball of positivity and surely someone I want to keep in and around my life, again.

Me & A Hidden Leo in the 10th Grade

The other person I saw this evening is Leo. Leo and I had a very strange relationship all through high school, but we were truly the best of friends. Both of us, following high school, got into relationships that kept us too busy to have time for one another. It is only recently, after about three or four years, that we have begun seeing one another again and catching up. Like usual with us, it is as if our friendship was never put on hold. I can tell Leo absolutely anything and he knows he can do the same with me. I will always consider him a good friend and I have lots of fun with him. He is also in a very happy place in his life and I have known Leo for years and years and truly have never seen his eyes so bright and his smile so huge. His happiness brings me such joy because I care about him so much and always wanted the best for him. He too has a lovely lady in his life and also a wonderful new dog who came over and played with Luna!

Luna has never had another dog in the condo with her before and WHOA did she have a blast! She is completely knocked out because of it! This little puppy friend Bauzley totally made old Little Lu knock right out. So not only did I have a wonderful time with my happy, positive mate, Luna made herself a little friend on the side, too.

Truly a wonderful day spent with two wonderful people who add just a bit more light to my already bright as heck life! I am truly trying to keep all optimistic, happy, positive people in my life as close to me as possible and weed out all the negative, dramatic, childish ones. I have no time for any of that. But I have plenty of time for smiles, happiness, laughs, and love! Both of these boys have a lot of that to share so I’m grateful to know them, have them as a part of my past and now as a part of my future.

Life is beautiful!

With Love,
Claudia Amendola