A day to be remembered!

by Cloud @ lifeofcloud.net


I got my tattoo done! My best friend Dan was there for moral support. He was glad he came around because he got to see the girl who doesn’t cuss say the F-word when the needle got to the centre of her wrist and began scratching against the bone….yeesh! Other than that centre letter, the tattoo was quick, painless, just annoying. It’s like someone poking you or scratching you and you can’t shoo them away. It’s easier to just make conversation and ignore it.

We followed up the tattoo adventure with some Thai food at my favourite fusion place; the Orchid in Oakville. OmG YUM. It’s all you can eat but you order which dishes you’d like and you get these tiny portions, so you can fill up on so much goodness in one sitting. I might not have to eat for days.

Yet another beautiful day! I am, as usual, so happy! And if you can’t tell by my smile below, I couldn’t be more pleased with my new body art!


What’s my next adventure going to be…. (*searches for skydiving locations…*)

With Love,
Claudia Amendola