Awesome Day, Yet Again

by Cloud @

Today I went to Canada’s Wonderland with my older brother Anthony. We haven’t hung out just us two in ages and this day together was so much fun! We screamed and laughed our heads off, I killed a bird while moving at 100kms/hr and he laughed at it, we skipped giant lines with the amazingly useful fast pass and rode the same rollercoasters numerous times in a row… it was just a GREAT day! It was exhilarating and just wonderful to hang out with my brother again.

On a completely unrelated note, it is truly amazing how connected I can feel to people I have never even met Face2Face (or have met once or twice). I feel as connected with them as I do with people I’ve known in RL for years. It is incredible and beautiful and I am so thankful for the many friends I have made via Twitter and the like. Truly. You are a reason for this big smile on my face, lately, too. A big reason! So grateful for all of you (you know who you are).

Now, off to enjoy a night in my neighbourhood village of HESS! Check it:

Gorgeous, right? It is awesome to think that this is literally right next to my building, and the streets are that busy from Wednesday – Saturday night. It is like a mini vacation zone in my backyard. And I’m not even counting the beauty that is George Street. I am so lucky that I live in this neighbourhood. And I am excited to hit the street tonight with my friend John and other friends of his that I have yet to meet. New people, new experiences, another wonderful night… I am so blessed to have great people in my life that I can spend great times with! Who could ask for more?

With Love,
Claudia Amendola