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Well, the tattoo has been decided! It’s that design above. It means BRAVE in Aurebesh (the Star Wars standard language). It is definitely fitting for so many reasons. I have booked my appointment for Tuesday at 3:30 and I simply can’t wait!

Today, I had the chance to spend the evening with a lovely former co-worker named Michelle! Love her like crazy and it was so wonderful to see her again, share stories, catch up, realize how much we have in common with one another in our lives. She is a great friend and it is awesome to have her around. She even brought me housewarming gifts! She got me a lucky bamboo plant and a bottle of wine… I am so blessed 🙂

Anyway, that’s about it for today! I am currently uploading the video for EDGEWALK and will post it here when it is completed (it’s at 20% right now). Life is, as usual, simply marvelous, beautiful, phenomenal. I am a lucky girl; a constantly-grinning-like-a-fool lucky girl!

With Love,
Claudia Amendola


Update!: Here is the video link —