Tattoo Time

by Cloud @

cc: Wookepedia


I’m planning on getting a tattoo to commemorate this time in my life, a time of taking control of my own destiny and happiness, of being brave beyond measure and of this immense happiness and pride I feel with the way my life is going. I’ve always wanted a tattoo referencing my love of Star Wars (thus showing the world my geekiness) and came up with a pretty neat idea; why not get a tattoo in Aurebesh, the standard language of the galactic empire!? I could choose a word that represents this period in my life. I am planning to get it written in small Aurebesh letters on my wrist.


I used this translator that I found on the web and checked it for accuracy: — It has been fantastically useful.


The words I am moving between are the following: Control, Brave (or even Bravery), Flourish, Bright, Jovial, Shine


I really like the way the letter B looks in Aurebesh. But all of these words look quite fantastic. Check them out using the translator and let me know which one you prefer!


With Love,
Claudia Amendola