Awesome life, continued…

by Cloud @

Yet another absolutely wonderful day. Today was exceptionally wonderful re: my health, because I didn’t wake up with my fetal-position-inducing aches like I normally do, and I didn’t experience them once all day! It was a wonderful change from the norm of two or three a day (usually to start and end the day). So not only was my mood high, but my body was also feeling quite great!

If you can’t tell from the image, I went to see the Amazing SpiderMan with Julia & Peter and it lives up to it’s name; it was AMAZING. Andrew Garfield played a perfect Peter Parker with just the right amount of awkward and the perfect dose of kick-a$$. He looked very much like the SpiderMan I remember from the original cartoon series; slender but fit, kind face, messy touch. His personality matched the look perfectly as well. The movie itself was full of new back stories that caused any viewer with a heart to shed a tear or two. The action was not overdone, the CGI was not awful as it can be in fast-paced movies, and the build up of his acquiring of the powers and becoming familiar with them was phenomenal. It was a truly well done film and I am thoroughly impressed with it! I can’t wait to see if the new Batman film can top this one. That seems far darker, and I worry it might deter from an otherwise great plot. I’m excited for the midnight screening of that!!

Anyway, I’m exhausted. This posts have been scattered and short because I’ve been so busy the past few days. Not sure when things will start to calm down, but I like it this way. I couldn’t be happier with life and how it is progressing, day after day. Life is so beautiful, I cannot express it enough.

With Love,
Claudia Amendola