Best. Day. Ever… continues as it melds into the following day, and the day after that, and so on, and so forth…

by Cloud @

I’m on top of the world, yeah!


Okay, I know, I know… this is a daily blog and I missed a post yesterday. I’m sorry! I didn’t even have a minute to do it, and I didn’t want another one-liner considering the amazing thing I took part in…. EdgeWalk at the CN Tower!


Have you heard of it? With a harness and no railings or much of anything else, you go to the top of the CN Tower (365 metres above ground) and you get to walk around! But not only do you get to feel the wind in your hair and take in all the great sights, you also get to pull off some pretty cool tricks. The one I’m doing in the picture above is the “Lean” but we began with “Toes over Toronto” which includes just having your toes hang over the edge, and we got all the way to the “Superman” which includes leaning all the way forward! It is exhilarating; I felt like a superhero up there (nerd alert). And I’m really proud of myself that not at any point did I feel scared, have butterflies, feel shakey, etc. Apparently I’m not afraid of heights in the least! I guess sky diving is next on the list… But I’m glad to have got one bucketlist item crossed off the list (and I got to do it with the best people; my cousin Julia and her boyfriend Peter).

Just bending over Toronto.. the usual…


These past few days with Julia & Peter have been busy, tiring, but absolutely phenomenal! I am having the best handful of days ever and I feel so blessed and so grateful for everybody in my life, and everyone around me (or around me in spirit!). I am really a lucky girl surrounded by beautiful things and graced with the opportunity to have amazing adventures. With all I have, who has time to be sad or down? I’m just feeling happier than ever and more thankful than anyone can imagine. My lust for life is exploding ten-fold and with it, more and more wonderful things come along and more and more lovely surprises seem to appear out of thin air.


I’ve said it before (and probably about twenty times in this post, today) and I’ll say it again; I am so happy.


With Love,
Claudia Amendola