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Month: July, 2012

Busy Bee

Having the most wonderful time in Montreal! I’m being wined, dined, party all the timed…. Having so much fun and also bonding with my cousin’s best friend on the most ridiculous level. We were instantly friends and I am more comfortable with him after three days than some of my friends of many years! Our connection is incredibly awesome and we are having loads of fun together. I’m having loads of fun with everyone!

Yesterday was the best Greek dinner I’ve ever had, followed with dancing. Today was reptile experience (Peter has so many) and STAR WARS IDENTITY EXHIBIT! You go through the exhibit answering a variety of quizzes and questions only to receive your character identity. Enjoy the photos! I enjoyed the time spent.

Me and the amazing Bruno who I’ve bonded with.

My cousin Cathy (yet another one out of many of my gorgeous cousins)









With Love,
Claudia Amendola


In Montreal

Seriously having the most wonderful time. Had more laughs than my stomach could handle, more smiles than my cheeks could take. Met the best friend of my cousin and instantly fell in love as he is marvelous, hilarious, welcoming and wonderful! His reaction towards me to my cousin, “I LOVE HER!!!” I had the best night out yesterday and today I got to see my dad’s side of my family. We had good laughs and delicious eats. It was a wonderful afternoon. Tonight we are going out to dinner in a group of family members & their friends then perhaps going to dance the night away. I love dancing and haven’t been out to do it in ages so I imagine it will be a great time. Tomorrow is Star Wars Identities Expo! Amazing things done and going to be done. So grateful!






With Love,
Claudia Amendola



Yet again, I missed a day! I’m in Montreal and life is incredible………..! So happy. Despite new chaos introduced into my life. Le sigh! Nothing I can’t handle…

With Love,
Claudia Amendola



Life is my everything burrito. It makes me dance as I take it on. I want to hug and kiss it.
Life is beautiful, (delicious), and I love every second of it it!

With Love,
Claudia Amendola


You’re Magnifying my Better Half

The best drawing I now own? Yes.


Another combined post, another apology! I can’t say it won’t happen again because that would likely be a lie. With how busy life has been, it has become difficult to do the nightly blog thing (especially when the nights have melded into mornings, barely giving me the opportunity to sleep, let alone blog)! I am still going to put a lot of effort into making this a daily thing, as that was the intention behind it all, to get me writing every day, to get me (and anyone reading) inspired every day. Let’s move along…


Yesterday was (can you guess?) marvelous! While sleeping in happened to the nth degree and I felt completely guilty about it, the rest of my day consisted of a visit to the comic book store to pick up two issues for a friend who wants to get into comic book reading and then a trip to the post office where I got that FABULOUS DRAWING YOU SEE ABOVE! Yes, that is Chris Houghton, the artist for many of the comic book covers for Adventure Time! HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT?! It was sent to me by the fabulous @brianwyzlic and I owe him big-time for this incredible surprise. LOOK — FINN IS SAYING MY NAME!!! LOOK!!!! JAKE IS CALLING ME DUDE! Seriously. Amazing. In case you don’t know what Adventure Time is, here is a little taste of the hilarity as Finn demonstrates the future of music that is “Balloon Music”:



After that awesome surprise that made me squeal-scream out loud to myself, I met up with my bestus bud at the gym for a session that exhausted me more than usual (but made me feel great). I then followed up that goodness with a movie with my former bandmate & friend. We saw Spiderman as he hadn’t yet seen it, and of course he loved it. We followed that up with an intense video game session which was absolutely incredible as I haven’t invested nearly enough time in video games as of late and, on top of that, I haven’t played with anyone in longer than I can remember. I laughed so hard I cried, and he beat me so bad that I should probably stop speaking about it.


Today was definitely an easy going, laid back day. This included soaking up the sun at Hamilton Beach. They have a public pool that is well maintained, clean, pay-access only, and rather quiet considering how many people are often there. I was able to get a little colour in my skin and have a nice dip in the water which I haven’t done since the winter months at the local YMCA. I absolutely enjoyed my time to myself and the vitamin D. It made me feel fantastic!

Wow — who read my mind?


While the rest of the day wasn’t worth chronicling (but was no less beautiful), I did find some interesting secrets on PostSecret this week. Do you know the site? People send in postcards of anonymous secrets and a few favourites are posted on the website which gets updated every Sunday. This week had a handful of Parisian-inspired secrets when I, oddly enough, had just been discussing with my friend last night in bittersweet love that I have for the city. The one above is my favourite as I always speak of running away or escaping to this place, where my heart is. How exceptionally fitting that someone should agree. Whether it is someone I am familiar with or whether it is just a stranger filling my heart with such hope, I don’t think I’ll ever know. But the mystery makes it all the more beautiful and exciting, the mystery just increases my already large lust-for-life.


I have begun to pack for Montreal (I leave on Friday and return on August 1st) and the preparation has made me exceptionally excited! While leaving my sweet dog for a week will hurt my heart, I know I will have a simply marvelous time! My cousin even surprised me with the news that she had purchased tickets for the Star Wars exhibit on Sunday! Accckkkkk(bar)! Truly anticipating the mini vacation to this not-so-exotic destination!


Alas, that is all for now. I feel happier than I have ever felt before. Emotions are pouring through me faster than the steepest waterfall. I am experiencing feelings I didn’t believe I still had in me to feel, I am connecting to the universe and all that surrounds me in ways I never knew I could connect. Life is beyond beautiful. I am beyond blessed. I hope the over-flow of my positivism soaks even just the feet of those that are around me. They do say that the temperature of your feet determine the temperature of your entire body; let their feet drown in it and let it all take them by surprise!


Keep smiling, keep loving, keep laughing.
I leave you with this beautiful song because I have been playing it on repeat today (didn’t realize how beautiful it is because it never touched me before):


With Love,
Claudia Amendola

Double Post

Okay, so this is a double post. I missed yesterdays (apologies!) and I might as well combine them to kill two birds with one stone!

Yesterday was wonderful! I went to the Hot&Spicy food festival in Toronto with a high school friend that I haven’t seen in a while and her boyfriend who I met for the first time yesterday. We had a wonderful day in the summer sun and enjoyed the time at Harbourfront. The city is truly growing on me every time I visit and the weather was perfect. There was a cool breeze off the lake and the sun was shining as bright as can be. Life was feeling as hot as the spicy food we got to sample!

I followed up a wonderful day with an even more phenomenal night. I attended a play put on by the Hamilton Fringe Festival which my old bandmate and former very good friend was playing a part in. I had not seen him in three years and we have not even talked since the last time we ran into each other, yet, following the show, when he saw me, he reacted the same way he would have when we were the best of friends. We connected as if we never had the time apart and even agreed to start making music together again. I truly care about this human being and I’m so happy to have him back in my life, with a stronger bond than ever.

Today, my brother finally handed me over this wonderful gem featured in the picture above! That is the very first issue released by Marvel in the Star Wars series. It came out in 1977. It is the rarest of the collection. And now, it is all mine!  I spent most of the rest of the day sleeping, as I got little to none of it yesterday, so catch-up was definitely necessary (and will continue shortly). I also had dinner with a new acquaintance and it was nice to get to know one another in person.

Yesterday, early into the morning hours, my friend asked me if I genuinely am happy or if it is something I tell myself and others, a front I use to convince myself. No, this is no front. I am genuinely so happy that I hope it pours out of me and drowns those that surround me. I have so much in my life to be grateful for, there is no reason to frown, there is no reason to be down, there is no reason not to smile or be content with life. There is so much beauty that this world has to share, so much to discover, so much to experience, that there is no time to sit, wait, and pout. I just want to get out there with a smile on my face and tackle it all. I want to face everything in life with a positive standpoint and should it not turn out the way I hoped, learn something from it and move on, never wiping that smile off my face. This happiness is real. I have no reason in my life not to be happy, right now. I have nothing stopping me from being happy, I just have so many wonderful people, wonderful experiences, adding to it all. This positivism is real! 110%!

So thankful for old friends starting new chapters with me in my life. Thankful for delicious foods. Thankful for sunny days. Thankful for thunderstorms. Thankful for brothers who get me things I’ll cherish forever. Thankful for Star Wars! Thankful for life.

With Love,
Claudia Amendola

Smile Lines

Life is sweet as honey.


With Love,
Claudia Amendola

na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na BATMAN

My review of Batman (without any spoilers):

For the first hour, I was not entertained. I thought, if the movie continues this way, I don’t see how it could get an 84% on Rotten Tomatoes. Then Bane said “Let the games begin,” and the games began. From that point on, I was on the edge of my seat anticipating every exciting moment, getting shivers from a handful of “oh my God” scenes, and smiling and laughing at various twists and turns.

The ending blew my mind.

Bane was a FANTASTIC character. He was too tough for words. His fighting was incredible.

I am getting very sick of the Batman Voice…

Unrelated: Went to (finally) see the specialist today. My ultrasound turned out problem-free. I cured myself (Wolverine styles). But I had to get another set of blood work done… got a call later in the day informing me that everything came back fine! I’ve regenerated! I am so thankful that nonsense is over.

That is all. I am happy! Life is beautiful 🙂 🙂 Truly, truly phenomenal beyond words. I am so happy…. I’m walking on sunshine!

With Love,
Claudia Amendola

Do you have a guise?

I recently posted this on Twitter: It is truly sad to see people living “two lives” and to see the praise and adoration they get from the one that’s a guise.


What I am talking about is obvious; people who act one way in front of a specific group of people (business, casual friends) and another in front of someone else (an intimate partner, family). The people on the business side of things usually see the more positive act that someone is putting on. Perhaps they appear as though they are modest, loving, selfless to those friends and colleagues where the relationship is on a flat ground. But truly, behind closed doors they are proud, selfish, rude. And they continue to get praise, worship, admiration for this guise that they wear around people that don’t know them intimately. There is nothing that irritates me more than this, especially when I have seen someone for what they truly are and continue to witness the guise they pull with others and the way people love their guise, kiss the feet of their guise.


Being the kind of person that I am, I won’t call a person out on the lies they are pulling on everyone else. I won’t warn people of the individual, I won’t say bad things about them, I won’t do anything but sit back and shudder every time a new compliment gets sent their way. But I hope the people eventually become aware that they are not loved for being themselves. People love their lie. They love the guise, they love the costume they wear, the show they put on. Who loves you on the intimate level? Do you truly love yourself if you are pulling off this tomfoolery every single day of your life? And what would happen if you revealed the real you, to the fullest extent? When people compliment you, does it truly reach the heart like a genuine compliment of a genuine person would? Or does it bounce off you as if it were nothing? If it is the latter, are you questioning who they’re really complimenting? Are you questioning who you really are making yourself out to be?


I don’t want this post to come off as negative, because that is not the intent. The intent is that if anyone reading this questioned, “Was this about me?” or “Is that me?” then you need to be rid of your guise. Stop acting, start living, start being you. And even if you is not modest, selfless or the like, at least you can take pride in giving the world the truest you that you can muster up. There is more virtue in that than any costume or lie you can invent.


Be yourselves, love yourselves, and watch what lies you might be loving. I have been getting compliments on my character lately and I am truly humbled. I have nothing to hide; I am me to the fullest extent. I am honest, true, and genuine with all people I converse or spend time with. When I am complimented, they do not roll off me. I take them to heart. I keep them there and they fill me with such thanks! I am so thankful! I am thankful and I keep them close because they are not compliments to a guise I am portraying, they are compliments to my being. And there is no greater honour than being appreciated for who you really are!


Ditch the mask and show yourself. There is no greater gift you could give to the world!


With Love,
Claudia Amendola

Things I am grateful for, today:

– Good friends

– Good friends who are excited to spend time with me

– Good cooking by good friends

– The people my friends love who make them happy

– The people I love who make me happy

– Sunshine

– Dogs

– Dogs being friends with other dogs

– The understanding that negative people have no right or ability to get me down

– Working AC

– Being able to afford a working AC

– Parents who take the trip over to install the AC

– Brothers who offer to install the AC before learning it’s already been installed

– Brothers who contact Retro Shop Owners inquiring about their sister’s crazy comic book desire

– Twitter and the connections I make with it

– Great conversations with great people

– Laughing out loud in a room all by yourself

– Music made with Floppy Disk Drives

– 8-Bit Music

– Amazing theme songs from really geeky things

– Best friends who offer to massage my gym aches

– Laughing with best friends about massaging my gym aches

– AC — did I mention that already?

– E-mails informing me of amazing things

– The speed at which my tattoo has healed (feeling like Wolverine right now)

– Geeky things

– Being able to purchase those geeky things

– Life

– Friends

– Happiness


With Love,
Claudia Amendola