The Best Day of My Life

by Cloud @

cc: asjaboros


Anyone who doesn’t believe in the power of attracting the energy that you put out in the world has never tried their hand at positivism! I’m not sure what is going on these last two weeks, but all good things have truly been coming my way and I am sure it is because of my optimism and positive thinking. Even though two weeks ago is when I began feeling unwell, I have noticed the great improvement in my condition when I tell myself I am A-Okay and I keep my mind off of it. Positive thinking wins even in the inevitable!


By ridding myself of negative influences, negative thinking, negative emotions, negative opinions of myself, it seems that the world has just fed me good things, so many good things! The best part about this happiness that I am feeling from all the positivity is that it is self made. I am in control of this happiness. No one else has any power over it. Everything is in my hands.


But that is not to say that people don’t have an effect on my happiness! I have been receiving positive, sweet, supportive and flattering messages from friends by the dozen whether via text or DM or Inbox messages on Facebook or in person! I truly have amazing people in my life (including many I have never met in person) and I could not be more grateful. I am so thankful for all of you who add to my happy, wonderful life! You know who you are.


Today I told my best friend, “This is the best day of my life.” To which he responded, “This one in particular? Are you sure?” and I replied, “Tomorrow will also be the best day of my life!” I truly have a goal for myself to make every single day the very best day of my life. I will not let any day, any minute, any second go to waste. I am going to appreciate all I have and come to terms with all I don’t. I’m going to fill my life with positive thoughts, positive emotions, positive people and smiles and make every single day the best one I’ve had. Because if you’re not living with the mindset that you’re going to make every day incredible, truly, what is the point of that day? Might as well sleep through it because you are throwing away wonderful potential that life will hand to you!


Dream on, live on, be positive, and everything good will come your way. I am living testimony to this way of life. You need to trust me!


E’ questa la vita che sognavo da bamabino!



With Love,
Claudia Amendola