Introvert vs. Extrovert

by Cloud @

Most people who know me both personally and perhaps on a not so personal level (eg. the internet) would describe me as outgoing, always the first to initiate conversation with strangers, friendly, extroverted, interpersonal and the like. Truth of the matter is that I’m quite the opposite! I am actually very introverted, I score high on intrapersonal tests and initiating conversation with strangers tends to make me a little nervous, but that doesn’t mean I won’t dive into the challenge!

I was actually told that this is common of individuals with intrapersonal personalities, to try and take the step out of their comfort zone and that they often get mistaken as being far more outgoing than they really are. I am glad I am not defined by a personality test or simply by my “comfort zone”. I like pushing myself to my own limits. It helps me grow, it helps me learn more about myself, it allows me to put myself in situations that someone in my situation might otherwise not feel like doing.

I like to scare myself. I like to try and do something every day that makes me just a little afraid, whether it’s standing up for myself in a situation where I feel I am being wronged or even acknowledging an emotion or feelings that I might otherwise be too nervous to acknowledge.

I also like to do physical activities that would otherwise scare the heck out of people, because pushing myself on a physical level is also exhilerating. This includes swimming in a shark tank, feeding stingrays in Stingray City, and hopefully in the near future some skydiving and CN Tower Walk (walking around the top of the CN Tower in Toront0).

I like to push myself. I like to make myself uncomfortable. I like to be a little big scared of the uncertainty and mystery of life. I enjoy it. My introverted self soaks it all in!

With Love,
Claudia Amendola