I’m Making a Band of Heroes

by Cloud @ lifeofcloud.net

I’m putting together a team of super heroes. It is a team that goes about affecting individual lives in a positive manner and is taking over the world with optimism. Only candidates with the following qualities may consider applying to be a part of my super team:

– In the face of adversity or challenges, the individual greets it face on with a smile on their face.

– When approaching a task which seems impossible, they say to the team, without an ounce of doubt in their voice, “We will make this work.”

– Members must not try to be what others on the team wish them to be, mimicking all they say or do in an attempt to impress them, but they must be proud of their individual greatness and be confident that they’re impressive as they are.

–  You know that all actions must be done out of love, not claim for fame.

– You don’t forget about your teammates as you rush off to make the universe a better place to live! Maintaining that relationship is just as important as making an impact.

–  If someone struggles, the first response should always be, “I will help you in any way I can.”

– An understanding that a solution isn’t always going to be found but the desire to try is most important.

– The ability to celebrate the strengths of those you save and admire the personal growth that can be achieved by the weaknesses.

–  The excitement to grow and learn with the individuals they help grow and learn.



Think you will fit with the team? Let me know.


With Love,
Claudia Amendola