Moving Onwards

by Cloud @

This is so true. Sometimes, there is nothing I can do so why must I mull, why must I worry, why must I let it bring me down? This is the root of all unhappiness! It will not bring about a solution, it will not make things change, it will only add to the pain. So why focus on all the negativity? Yes, moving the mind (and heart) on is easier said than done. But by constantly reminding myself of the need to focus on greater, more positive things, I am, inch by inch, making my way to a happier future. One where all my emotions are not invested only to be damaged, and where I am glowing, not frowning.

There will always be the small spark in me known so well as hope that shows it’s face at all conflict. Hope will never die. But I must not let myself die in the process, either. I must live! And I must avoid all mediums, situations, and thoughts that try and step in the way of my living. There is the part of me that is mine and mine alone, and it will shine brighter than the sun, against all odds, in the face of all worry, all fear.

With Love,
Claudia Amendola