Aphorisms Part One

by Cloud @ lifeofcloud.net

I once fell across a quote that spoke of going to where your heart is. My heart has been left in Paris and to pick up and go is no easy task.


Love is the ultimate humbling experience. It destroys the ego. It helps one to realize that there are things far greater than themselves.


If I know one thing in this life it is that I am alive. That fact alone means I am capable of moving mountains if I so desire.


If making a “Pros and Cons” list still leaves you questioning what decision to make in your life, your heart obviously has made up it’s mind and here is some news for your brain: there is no convincing it otherwise.


It is so easy to run away from a challenge. True bravery, true courage is facing a task even if you know very well that you could fail. Your strength and virtue lies in your ability to try.


Games are not to be played with the human heart. It is far too fragile to be tossed like a playground ball. Be gentle with others. Play nice.


With Love,
Claudia Amendola