Who my dog loves

by Cloud @ lifeofcloud.net

I am a dog lover. In my eyes, all canines are gorgeous, all canines deserve unconditional love and all canines deserve a forever home where they are given back all they give to human companions. I have a dog named Luna and she is the light of my life. So, when I saw this quote, my heart melted and it got me thinking: Who does my dog think I am?

This is what I came up with (from the eyes of Little Lu):

– A caregiver for those she loves
– One who doesn’t resort to anger, yelling, or violence even when she has been wronged in the worst way
– An affectionate individual who is a champion at cuddling!
– Someone who is always near when they’re needed
– Someone who wanders but always returns to where her heart is; home
–  A person who spoils the ones she loves
– Someone who notices the little changes in moods and is quick to act on them and try and make things better
– Someone who can sit around and do nothing with you
– Someone who loves to get up and play
– Always smiling, always laughing
– Someone who loves unconditionally
– One who puts others before herself
– Loyal, honest and true
– Always ready to scratch if things get itchy
– A good natured, warm hearted human being

This is what I do with my dog, it’s how I am with her. Do I translate all this selfless to humans on a daily basis? If not, I should try a lot harder!

With Love,
Claudia Amendola