Heavy is the Head That Wears the Crown; Don’t let the Greatness get you Down

by Cloud @ lifeofcloud.net

I was told I should make a list of my accomplishments. This doesn’t mean successes related to status or career because they could provide a false sense of self. This means what steps I have done to take control of my own happiness. What decisions have I made in my life in the past few months that have been “me-focused” and all about my control over my own life and my understanding of what I deserve and what makes me happy? Sometimes, the outcomes weren’t as I expected; sometimes the outcome made me far less happy with the situation but still far more pleased with myself for taking the stand over my own life. I was told to write the consequences of all these steps I’ve taken, happy or sad. Any little, tiny decision I made that focused on my own goal of being happy in life needs to be written down. I was told not to minimize them but to be proud of every single little baby step I have taken in my life.

And so I have listened, and I’ve begun writing every one down. I’ve begun to reflect on what steps I’ve taken in life and what stands I’ve raised myself up to for my happiness, and I didn’t realize how many there were. The more I review the list, no matter what consequences came from my decision, the more empowered I feel, the more I feel in control of myself, of my life, and the happier I am with me. My confidence gets a boost beyond comprehension! My mood lifts to the sky! Seeing it all on paper in front of me fills me with the most beautiful positive feelings.

So what have you done for your happiness lately? I’m not talking about your success stories in your career, a job interview, or a big purchase you finally obtained. I am talking about decisions and accomplishments related to your happiness; what stands have you taken for yourself? Will you fight the good fight for you? Who are you living for?

With Love,
Claudia Amendola